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Submitted on
January 4


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This is a questionnaire for any characters that’s died. You can fill it out with one or more characters, and it should be filled out either by role-playing or by first-person answers. Because I hate writing pronouns to be both singular and plural, the assumption is that there's only only person, when this questionnaire could work for more. Enjoy.

1. What is your name?

2. Alright then. When were you born?

3. And when did you die?

4. Now, for the big question, how did you kick the bucket? Be as explicit as you like.

5. Are you upset about dying, or are you at peace with it?

6. If you could miraculously come back to life, would you?

7. Now that’s you’re dead, what do you feel was your greatest achievement in your life?

8. And your greatest regret?

9. Is there anything you wish you had done before you died? Anything at all?

10. If you could go back and relive one part of your life, would you? And if so, what part would it be and why?

11. Did you have any beliefs regarding the afterlife during your life? If so, were they correct?

12. You can send a written message to one still-living person, who is it and what do you say to them?

13. If your canon’s version of the afterlife allows it, are you going to be a ghost?

14. Did you leave any loved ones behind when you died?

15. If it’s applicable to your canon’s afterlife, were you reunited with any loved ones when you died?

16. Did you have a funeral? If so, and you saw it, was it nice? Did the people there serve the glory that is your life justice?

17. If it’s applicable, what happened to your body after you died? Were you buried, cremated, made into pencils, was your body unrecoverable in some way?

18. Was your death expected or unexpected?

19. If you could go back and prevent yourself from dying, would you? Why or why not?

20. If you had to pick one person to die, and it had to be somebody you knew, who would you pick and why?

21. Where did you die? Did you die in a hospital, in an ambulance, in a car, in your sleep, in a factory, in your house, in a gingerbread house in the woods?

22. What was your general goal in life?

23. Did you achieve it?

24. If you were murdered, why is this (why did someone murder you) and are you angry with your murderer? Did they see justice?

25. If you committed suicide, what drove you to kill yourself?

26. Are you happy with the live you lived, why or why not?

27. Name at least one thing you wish you did differently:

28. Did you die single or in a relationship?

29. If you were in a relationship, do you think your significant other will wait for you (actually that doesn’t make sense but y’know what I mean)?

30. Is there a God? If so, did you meet him/her/it/whatever? Did you think there was a God while you were alive? Was he/she/it/whatever what you were expecting?

31. Was your death significant to your canon’s plot?

32. Was it necessary for your canon’s plot?

33. Do you still have a physical form? If so, do you look the same as you did before you died? Explain any change.

34. Did you go to another life?

35. Do you think there’s any chance of you being reincarnated?

36. If you had the choice of being reincarnated or not, would you take it? Would being able to chose who you’re reincarnated as make a difference in your decision?

37. How long have you been dead for? If you don’t know, guess.

38. What’s the worst thing you did while you were alive?

39. What’s the best thing you did?

40. If you got to meet one dead famous person, who would it be, and why?

41. Would you describe dying as a scary experience?

42. If you had to go back to the land of living, and be alive as yourself again, would you live your life differently?

43. Would your views on life change at all?

44. What where your last words?

45. If you could change your last words, would you? If so, to what?

46. Do you have any last words for this questionnaire?

Okay then. Rest in peace!
It's my first meme/questionnaire I ever made, so don't judge. Also, if you use it, link back in your description and in the comments section. I want to see what other people answer with.

Also, what category do you put memes in? I don't know and think I put it in the wrong category...
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Skull-Killer Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer   You said to link back. I'm not going to post this on my page, it's more for personal reflecting on an RP a really close friend and I are doing. This character died during the RP and it basically sent everyone into a wave of sadness and with all the other things they were dealing with XD It was a great plot point, but I really missed the character and this seemed like a great way to revive them for a few moments.
AlienSodaJerk Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, can I do this for my vampire character reflecting on their dead human life? :D
Absolutely you can.
Mortiscia Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's very extensive with a lot of good questions but what would it be used for? I could see it work for writing if you have a character that is dead but still somehow lingers, either on a mental plane or a physical.
PhotoPhobee Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Characterization. Making a character better for your thoughts. c:
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